About Bird Dog Wines

Bird Dog Wines is the loyal companion to Witches Falls Winery on Tamborine Mountain, Queensland.

It has been said that winemakers seem to have a passion for both good wines and their dogs, and this is certainly the case for Witches Falls Owner and Chief Winemaker Jon Heslop.

And as such, Bird Dog Wines was born with the inspiration behind the Bird Dog brand being Jon’s loyal companion, his pet Schnauzer, Ralph.

Ralph has a very special personality – he has good pedigree, is confident, loveable and very entertaining. And, since these same qualities are the essence of our Bird Dog Range of wines, we thought who better to be the face of the brand.

Over time Ralph has been joined by some new friends; Winston, Ruby, Sienna, Alice, Archie & Harry, who you will see featured across our growing range.